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Anti-science of creationism vs anti-science of current social justice in America

“At this point in time I do not know which is worse.. The anti-science of creationism or the anti-science of the current social justice movement in America.”

Lauren Ell, President, Republican Atheists, August 31, 2017

What is “science”?

According to Google Dictionary, the description of the term science is “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”

I take note of the words study, observation and experiment. In school my classmates and I were taught to use the scientific method in order to come to a conclusion when asking a question. The scientific method entails a series of tasks: (1) ask a question, (2) do background research, (3) form a hypothesis, (4) test, (5) form a conclusion, (6) communicate result.

Scientific method
The scientific method approach to finding a conclusion to a question. Source:

While the results of the scientific method can be more precise when answering questions regarding more controlled subjects like chemistry and physics, results of the scientific method can be dynamic in versatile subjects like politics and social issues. Since these results are dynamic, it is important to communicate with others and collect information in order to have as much sound understanding as possible. We all have our unique personal experiences and databases of research, so it is critical that we communicate our knowledge and experiences with each other. (Note, in the graphic above I emphasize the text, “Experimental data becomes background research for new/future project. Ask new question, form a new hypothesis, experiment again!).

Having made these observations regarding science, one can say the current social justice movement in America does not have a foundation in science, but rather anti-science. When I say “the current social justice movement,” I am referencing to a vast network of groups and organizations that claim to be committed to social justice, which includes subjects like racism, sexism, gender, feminism, equality, etc.

Many American social justice activists involved in groups like Black Lives Matter, Refuse Fascism, Women’s March, etc., refuse to communicate with people of opposing views to collect data about their assertions, and have even become violent towards people who present opposing arguments. These activists, or what some may call “terrorists,” continue to shut down people with opposing views, whether it’s people on the streets or prestigious speakers on college campuses. Shutting down opposing views is anti-science.

Many may say, “I’m not a part of those groups and therefore do not fit your narrative.” However, I take note of widely supported politicians and celebrities who promoted this violence, yet have not received much backlash from their supporters for their remarks. Days after the February 1, 2017, Berkeley riots that resulted in multiple injuries and over $100k in damage, well known CA-Democrat Senator Kamala Harris never condoned the violence but instead tweeted, “If you’ve ever wondered what you would have done during the Civil Rights Movement, this is your opportunity to find out.”

Kamala Harris California Democrat Senator Berkeley Riots Tweet
CA-Democrat Senator Kamala Harris tweet days after the February 1, 2017, Berkeley riots that resulted in multiple injuries and over $100k in damage.

Other popular CA-Democrat Senator Maxine Waters has also received considerable praise for promoting “the resistance,” a term used by violent groups who have attacked conservatives. Then there was comedian Kathy Griffin who took grotesque photos holding a Trump-like severed bloody head, ISIS-style. While Griffin did receive flack for this stunt, I was surprised by how many people did not speak against her. To this day Griffin still defends her grotesque photos. These examples give insight into the vast support of violence in the “social justice” community.

On a final note, the social justice groups continue to push their faulty social justice agenda in the education system, much like creationists continue to push their creationist agenda. Just recently parents at a charter school in Rocklin, CA, learned their young kindergarten children participated in discussions led by a teacher about transgenderism, a subject that is currently being debated about age appropriation and scientific accuracy. In April 2017, San Diego Unified School District agreed to work with Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in order to combat bullying of Muslim students by increasing lessons about Islam (thankfully this project came to a halt after parents banded together and sued the district). A school in Rochester, New York, officially dedicated a school day as “Black Lives Matter Day” in February 2017 and referenced to material from violent group Black Lives Matter to influence students. The decisions of promoting current “social justice” are based on the whims of recent trends in public hostility, not on science.

Black Lives Matter school day Rochester New York
Banner used for “Black Lives Matter at School,” an event hosted by Rochester City School District in Rochester, New York.

At this point in time the main difference I see between creationists and the current social justice movement in America is that creationists are not taking the public hostage by blocking roads, destroying public property, attacking people with differing views and shutting down political events. One can say creationism is “not that bad”!

Lauren EllLauren Ell is President of Republican Atheists. She is a business owner, consultant, marketer and communications strategist. Contact Lauren EllĀ here. Follow Republican Atheists on Facebook and Twitter.


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