Executive director of Young Skeptics responds to Republican Atheists

The purpose of sharing this conversation is to shed light on the type of response Republican Atheists receives from atheist writers.

Young Skeptics

This particular event was surprising since it involved Kevin Davis, the executive director Young Skeptics, an organization based in Rochester, New York, that is trying to teach kids “critical thinking.” Young Skeptics is attempting to open chapters across the United States.

Secular Voices Patheos blog

Davis is also the head writer for Secular Voices, a Patheos.com┬áblog dedicated to raising awareness about the secular community and secular content creators. Republican Atheists’ President Lauren Ell provided subtle criticism on Secular Voice’s Facebook page regarding an article Davis had written. Davis fired back and the conversation escalated.

Republican Atheists normally does not publish conversations such as this, although we experience this type of response regularly; however, Ell figured this particular conversation is worth sharing since it involves a blog that represents the secular community as a whole, as well as a program for children that is attempting to teach “critical thinking.”

This also showcases the resistance Republican Atheists receives that perpetuates the image of the atheist community as being strictly left-leaning in political ideology.

Young Skeptics childrens after school program

Kevin Davis, head writer of Secular Voices, responds to Ell..

I couldn’t care less that you think it’s obnoxious, nor do I respect your opinion of what you think is good for the atheist community. As a very active member in said community, I think I have a better understanding of what it IS and IS NOT. We’re done here. Get over yourself.

After Ell extended an offer to share Republican Atheists, Davis rejected her outright.

Not surprised, nor interested. Good luck aligning yourself with a political party who throws Jesus into everything they can.

Davis was kind enough to communicate further after Ell brought attention to Davis’ remarks to Republican Atheists’ online base..

Secular Voices Young Skeptics after school program

Hear that Lauren? That’s the mic bouncing off the floor. You can sick your fellow “repub/consv atheists” on me all you want because you didn’t get the response you were hoping for. Your sour grapes vindictiveness is childish and bush league. If you and your ilk can’t see that “Republican Atheist” is an epic oxymoron, you’re just ignorant, and willfully at that. You’re a religious zealot sympathizer.

Needless to say, this is the most hateful response Republican Atheists has received yet from both the atheist and conservative communities. It’s barking up the same tree as when the podcasters of skeptic podcast Cognitive Dissonance suddenly hung up on Ell 15 minutes into what was supposed to be a 45 minute interview in August 2017.

Goes to show the lack of atheist Republicans is partly due to the atheist community itself suppressing Republican representation. And on a side note, how is this person qualified to teach children “critical thinking”?

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