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New online shop links help Republican Atheists generate revenue

Keep Republican Atheists in mind when shopping online! Republican Atheists has launched a new online shop page to generate revenue to cover expenses for social media management, website development and outreach efforts.

Take note that when clicking on an Amazon link on Republican Atheists’ website, a percentage of ANY sale goes to Republican Atheists. This means you do not have to buy the specific product we list, but as long as you click on an Amazon link on the Republican Atheists’ shop page and then search to make a purchase, a percentage of that purchase will go to us. Example, if you click on an amazon link on our website and then buy electronics, clothing, pet products, etc., a percentage of the sale will still go to Republican Atheists.

View new Shop page here.

You can even click on the link right here:

Make sure you bookmark one of our Amazon links and remember to go there before doing  a search on Amazon.

Thank you for your support! If you recommend products to list or have questions please email info[at]

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