Racial division at Democratic National Convention 2016 catches attention

The schedule of the Democratic National Convention 2016 that took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 25-28, caught attention of observers who were surprised to see half of two days dedicated to race oriented groups.

Democratic National Convention 2016 race caucuses
Democratic National Convention 2016 schedule.

The first day of the convention kicked off with meetings held by the Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus, the Ethnic Council, the Native American Council, and the AAPI (Asian-American and Pacific Islander) Caucus.

Each meeting lasted two hours from 10am-12pm. The same schedule took place on July 27.

This has me question, if I was in attendance as a person who does not identify with one of those races, which meeting would I attend? Which meeting would I go to if I was a combination of more than one of those races?

While some view Democratic National Convention’s emphasis on race as a positive move for the party, many also view it as divisive, exclusive and ultimately counter productive to unity.

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