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Republican Atheists introduces official group on Atheist Nexus

Republican Atheists launched an official group on March 31, 2017 on world renowned Atheist community website Atheist Nexus to reach out to the Atheist community and provide a communication platform.

Atheist Nexus hails itself as “The World’s Largest Coalition of Nontheists & Nontheist Communities.” Its website boasts a wide array of communication tools such as forums, groups, blogs, videos and more. The forum offers opportunities for general discussion while groups allow users with specific interests to connect and represent.

Making an account is free and simple. All you need is an email.

Users who join Republican Atheists group have the option to post discussion threads or write general updates on the group’s comment wall. This is a great opportunity to meet other conservative Atheists while representing Atheist conservatism in the general Atheist community.

View Republican Atheists group on Atheist Nexus here.

We look forward to seeing you in the group. For more information feel free to email

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