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We invite you to join Republican Atheists’ official Facebook group

Republican Atheists welcomes you to join our official Facebook group titled “Republican Atheists”.

The group is open to Facebook users. To join, simply log into your Facebook account, go to Republican Atheists’ Facebook group and click “Join”.

Republican Atheists

View Republican Atheists’ Facebook group at this link.

Members have the option to submit content such as comments, links, photos and more. The content will be screened by administrators to insure the content fits the atmosphere of the group. Currently the group is set to “closed” so only members can see content.

Republican Atheists’ Facebook group was created to provide a place where users can communicate and connect. Hostile content and insults are not permitted in the group. Users will be given a warning about poor behavior, and then will be subjected to removal if behavior is continued.

We hope to gain more insight into priorities of the conservative secular community and to bring these priorities to light on our official social media and website platforms. Additionally we would like members to become more acquainted with each other and develop unity.

On a final note, we encourage Facebook users to always be aware of personal information that is visible to the public on their profile, such as work place and family connections. It is often ideal to set Facebook settings to “private” so strangers cannot view your personal Facebook feed.

For more information please contact us at Please take the time to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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