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Republican Atheists successfully reaches 100 Facebook likes

Republican Atheists is proud to announce that we have reached 100 Facebook likes. This is a great accomplishment.

We launched in February 2017 and have been building our presence from the ground up. Brandon Phinney, New Hampshire Republican State Represenative, has been helpful in exposing Republican Atheists to his fan base.


Since launching many secular people have reached out thanking us for starting this organization. Some said they thought they were the only atheist with conservative views. It is true that many conservative atheists often feel alone with their views.

“Thank you for this! I was beginning to believe that I was alone in being an atheist with conservative values.”
– Dave

“I’m not a republican, or a democrat, but I enjoy different points of view. Also, I’m sick of being generalized as one without being the other.”
– Jason, Florida

“I’m glad you established this organization.”
– Damon, Louisiana

Additionally we have 46 followers on Twitter, many of which are connected to various political and environmental organizations. We also have 21 followers on Instagram and 31 subscribers for email updates.


Please share our website and social media accounts with others. Our next goal is 200 likes on Facebook!

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