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Republican Atheists now listed on Ohio Republican Party website

Republican Atheists is now listed on the official website of Ohio Republican Party, also known as Ohio GOP. This is the first time Republican Atheists is on a state GOP website. View here.

Republican Atheists did not request to be listed, and Ohio GOP did not ask Republican Atheists if they would like to be listed, but rather listed the organization voluntarily. The listing includes a brief description of Republican Atheists, a logo image, a link to our website and our Twitter handle. Site visitors can connect with Republican Atheists or Ohio GOP if they have questions.

The great thing about being listed on the website is improving Republican Atheists’ relevancy on Google search. This helps our website appear in more search results and also showcase more direct links when people search “Republican Atheists” on Google. The more search results we have the better.

Additionally Republican Atheists is listed on two other official GOP websites – Cook County Republicans located in Chicago, Illinois, and Travis County Republicans located in Austin, Texas.

We hope to continue being listed on more GOP websites and to connect with people across the United States who are interested in Republican Atheists.

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Send questions and comments to info@republicanatheists.com.

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