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Republican Atheists’ President Lauren Ell responds to #TakeAKnee

Before a 2016 football game, American football player Colin Kaepernick sat down during “The Star-Spangled Banner” to protest injustice towards the black community in the United States. Since then, many other professional and amateur athletes have sat down during the national anthem as well, spurring conversation from Trump and Americans across the nation.

Republican Atheists’ President responded to the issue on September 27, 2017..

“While I think the response to football players kneeling is a bit far fetched, I think there needs to be a broader discussion on the subject of patriotism, why it is important and how it is being chipped away across the west.

In Sweden, patriotism is practically non-existent. Displaying the Swedish flag is generally viewed as ‘racist’ and some Swedish schools have even banned displaying the flag because it is considered to be ‘inconsiderate’ of other cultures. Sweden has recently began funding its military after decades of de-funding, and actually had to take equipment out of a war museum (shows how much the country is ready to self defend).

I question if an enemy showed up on Sweden’s doorstep tomorrow, what would Swedes do? Instead of being prepared and dedicated to their country, they’d be running around like chickens with their heads cut off, and I consider this to be partly due to lack of patriotism.

In a sense, an enemy did show up on Sweden’s doorstep during mass migration and Swedes let them walk all over the country, no questions asked. The flag picture is of an “art installation” recently installed in one of the most popular parts of Stockholm, a block away from where Sweden’s first terrorist attack occurred earlier this year and five people were killed! The artist said it is to combat “nationalism.” Sweden is so weak!

Swedish flag art display Stockholm Sweden
Swedish flag art display installed in Sergels Torg, one of the most frequently visited locations in Stockholm.

In the US, students don’t even say the pledge of allegiance anymore. Who will Americans know to salute when we are in time of war? I think we have been in a comfort zone for too long and supporting anti-patriotism furthers weakness.”

Lauren EllLauren Ell is President of Republican Atheists. She is a business owner, consultant, marketer and communications strategist. Contact Lauren Ell here. Follow Republican Atheists on Facebook and Twitter.


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