Republican Atheists seeks correspondents who are knowledgeable of these subjects

Republican Atheists is expanding outreach and becoming more involved in discussions covering all kinds of subjects. To save time, we would like to have correspondents on hand who are knowledgeable of specific topics and can be a resource for insight and information.

We would like correspondents for these topics:

  • Taxation (US, Europe, etc.)
  • Immigration
  • Business
  • Healthcare
  • National security
  • Military
  • State level politics
  • Education
  • History (US politics, Europe, religion, etc.)
  • Federal government
  • Agriculture
  • Resources (water, power, etc.)
  • Environment
  • Foreign affairs

Ideally we would like correspondents to be registered Republicans and identify as atheist, agnostic or secular. Being a correspondent entails checking email or Facebook messages (depending on your preference) and responding when you have time.

If you focus on one of these subjects and would like to be a correspondent for Republican Atheists, please email us at info[at]

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One Reply to “Republican Atheists seeks correspondents who are knowledgeable of these subjects”

  1. Joe Conkle II

    I am personally appalled (jk) at the fact that prison reform did not make this list. I feel that I would have a vast amount of insight and experience to add and offer due to the fact that I spent 16 years of my life incarcerated in on of the most corrupt prison systems in the U.S. The Justice system is one thing and I don’t have any real issues with it, save for a few sentencing guidelines for certain crimes. The problem is what’s being done with these “CITIZENS” once they are locked up. Even though many made their decisions on their own they are still effected by the most corrupt Democratic agenda of making single urban mother’s dependent upon government assistance by removing the “man of the house” and relocating them to districts that need population boosts for better representation. Elmore County in Alabama is host to 5 prisons just for this reason. And the idea of rehabilitation is completely broken because the administration systematically milks the federal government for program funds.

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