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Republican Atheists speaks to Young Americans for Liberty at UC Riverside

Republican Atheists’ President Lauren Ell was a guest speaker for a Young Americans for Liberty meeting at University of California, Riverside (UCR) in Riverside, CA on May 8, 2017. This was Republican Atheists’ first public presentation.

During the presentation Ell discussed her background of being a Republican atheist and how she came to develop Republican Atheists, a nationally and internationally recognized organization. She highlighted her experiences of communicating with the atheist community through Facebook groups. She also discussed being a resident of Sweden and researcher of current mass migration in Europe since 2015.

Ell provided detail about Republican Atheists’ board members Brandon Phinney, New Hampshire State Representative, and Robert M. Price, Ph.D. She noted Phinney and Price provide excellent knowledge to Republican Atheists. Ell closed the presentation by discussing the goals of the organization.

Video of Republican Atheists’ President Lauren Ell introducing Republican Atheists to Young Americans for Liberty at UC Riverside in Riverside, CA on May 8, 2017.

To Ell’s surprise, the audience was so intrigued by the presentation that the Q&A session lasted nearly as long as the presentation itself. Students asked about the atheist community as well as mass migration and public sentiment in Europe. Some students stayed after the presentation to speak directly with Ell.

One member of Young Americans for Liberty asked if Republican Atheists would be interested in participating in a future event at UC Riverside to share information with students. Ell mentioned Republican Atheists would be happy to participate once it finds a board member based in Southern California, otherwise a live streamed interview over the internet is possible.

Young Americans for Liberty is a nationwide organization that seeks to spread ideas of limited government, free markets, sound money, non-intervention and maximum individual liberty. Visit the home page for Young Americans for Liberty to learn more.

Republican Atheists thanks Young Americans for Liberty, UCR, for the opportunity to speak. To schedule Republican Atheists to speak at future events please contact us.

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