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State Rep. Brandon Phinney steps down as board member of Republican Atheists

New Hampshire State Rep. Brandon Phinney was the first person to accept the position of board member of Republican Atheists in March 2017.

In February 2017, Phinney made national news when he expressed his atheist views while being a Republican representative. Both the non-religious and religious communities were amazed by this.

Upon learning about Republican Atheists, Phinney extended his support and was glad to be a board member. He noted he was pleased that a group called Republican Atheists exists. Phinney did great work to help develop confidence for Republican Atheists as well as help build public recognition of the organization.

In June 2017 Phinney announced that he is now a registered Libertarian and will be representing the Libertarian Party in New Hampshire. As a result, he is stepping down from his position as board member of Republican Atheists.

Here is Phinney’s statement of resignation originally published on June 27, 2017..


I, Rep. Brandon Phinney – Strafford 24, hereby resign as board member of Republican Atheists due to my party affiliation switch to the Libertarian Party.

This is my first term in office and while both major parties do not sit well with me, I had to pick a party to get elected. Seeing how the legislative process works in Concord, NH, I decided that the Republican Party no longer represented me or what I was trying to accomplish for New Hampshire. Republican leadership in New Hampshire also is a main concern and one of the reasons why I decided to switch as they are obstructionist to their own party.

The Libertarian Party is where I feel I am most aligned with politically and philosophically and I need to do what is right by me and my service to my constituents in Rochester, NH.

I want to thank Lauren for her dedication to provide a place for secular people with Republican values and I wish her and Republican Atheists the most success in their endeavors.

Remember, the goal is to expand liberty and reduce government interference in the lives of free people and the free market!

In Liberty,

Rep. Brandon Phinney – Strafford 24

Thank you Brandon. Best of luck!

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