Jillian Becker The Atheist Conservative

Republican Atheists featured in well known blog The Atheist Conservative

Republican Atheists thanks The Atheist Conservative for publishing an article in June 2017 introducing Republican Atheists to its readers.

The Atheist Conservative is a blog that has been in operation since 2008. It has amassed a large following and has an impressive 11 thousand likes on Facebook.

Its website reads, “We are the Atheist Conservative, bringing you news, articles, reviews, commentary and more.”

The Atheist Conservative Editorial Board consists of an economist and business man, a lawyer, a soldier in the US army, a professional writer and former Director of the Institute for the Study of Terrorism (London).

View the published article featuring Republican Atheists at this link.

Featured photo: Jillian Becker, Editor-in-chief of The Atheist Conservative.

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